To Be a Democrat:
What Does It+I70 Mean Today?

Round Table of the Polis Journal

Pantin I.K.,

Dr. Sci. (Philos.), chief researcher, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow, Russia,

Klyamkin I.M.

Boldyrev Yu.Yu.

Galushko I.V.

Salmin A.M.

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Round Table of the Polis Journal, Pantin I.K., Klyamkin I.M., Boldyrev Yu.Yu., Galushko I.V., Salmin A.M. To Be a Democrat: What Does It+I70 Mean Today? . Polis. Political Studies. 1991. No 4. P. 47 (In Russ.)

Content No 4, 1991

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Polis. Political Studies
No 5 2010

Plyays Ya.A.
Have the reforms come to an end and what have been their results?

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