Our political transformation: the completion or a pause?

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Bolshakov A.G. Our political transformation: the completion or a pause? – Polis. Political Studies. 2013. No. 2. P. 177-178. (In Russ.)


Political Transformation in Post-Soviet Russia” by Professor A. Vorzhetzov, the city of Kazan (Воржецов А.Г. Политическая трансформация в постсоветской России: монография. Казань, КНИТУ, 2011. 164 с.), is one of the recent works within the category of transitological investigations in Russian political science. The author makes the conclusion to the effect that within the observed future the ruling political elite is, evidently, going to leave off further political transformations, and to concentrate on modernization in the economic and technological spheres.

political transformation; power (authority); opposition; civil protests; political and economic modernization.


Content No. 2, 2013

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