Polis. Political Studies

Pantin I.K.

E-mail: i.pantin@mail.ru
Dr. Sci. (Philos.), chief researcher, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow, Russia

Dr. Sci. (Philos.), 1976 (Socialist Thought in Russia: the transition from Utopia to Science Moscow, "Politizdat", 1973 Moscow State University), Professor (1977).

  • Chief Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, RAS (since 2008).
  • Head of the Sector for History of Political Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, RAS (2001-2008)
  • Editor-in-Chief, Political Director, Polis. Political Studies journal (1989-2001)
  • Head of Department for the Theory of the Revolutionary Movement, Institute of International Labor Movement, UdSSR Academy of Sciences (1979-1989)
  • Head of Philosophy and Scientific Communism Department, the All-Union Correspondence Institute of Food Industry (1964 1979)
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Politizdat (1960 1964)
  • Editor, Politizdat (1958 1960)
  • Post-Graduate Student, Department of the History of Russian Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (1954 1957)
  • Student, Faculty of Philosophy, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (1949 1954).
Research projects
  1. Antinomy of freedom and equality in political philosophy (1993 1994).
  2. Socialism is a term of post-industrialism (1998 1999).
  3. European political thought in the 19th century (2004 2005)

Key monographs, collective works and articles in the recent years:

  1. Russian revolution: political and philosophical interpretation of events / / Alternatives, 2011, 2 (the article).
  2. Russian revolution as a problem of political philosophy / / Polis, 2011, 5 (the article).
  3. Socialist Thought in Russia: the transition from Utopian and Science (the monograph). Moscow, 1973.
  4. Methodological problems in the history of philosophy and social thought (the collective work) Moscow, 1977.
  5. Lenin as a political thinker (the collective work) Moscow, 1980.
  6. The revolutionary tradition in Russia (the monograph in co-authored) Moscow, 1986.
  7. Socialism is a term of post-industrialism (the collective work) Moscow, 1999.
  8. From the absolute of freedom to the romanticism of equality. From the history of political philosophy (the collective work) Moscow, 1999.
  9. The drama of Russian reforms and revolutions (the monograph in co-authored) Moscow, 2000.
  10. Russia and the world: the historical self-recognition (the monograph) Moscow, 2000.
  11. Fates of democracy in Russia (the monograph) Moscow, 2004.
  12. European political thought of the XIX century (the collective work) Moscow, Science, 2008

Articles in journal:

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