Polis. Political Studies

The editorial team of “Polis. Political Studies” expects each author who submits an article to the Journal to agree with the following ethical principles:

– Writing team of a manuscript includes every person who contributed substantially to its preparation; it does not include individuals without such contribution.

– Manuscript reflects results of an original scientific study. Bibliographic references must be given for all academic works which influenced the research in some way. All borrowed content must be quoted according to rules of citing with reference to author and source. Manuscript does not contain any unformatted quotes. There has been no usurpation of another’s studies results.

– Graphic material in a manuscript is original; author’s rights to it either belong to authors of the manuscript, or it was prepared by the authors on the basis of literature data, which is proved by comprehensive bibliographic references.

– Manuscript has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration.

– Author expects no author’s fee.

Violation of these ethical principles leads to rejection of manuscript and further interaction with the author.


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