Is the Conservative Revolution Conservative? (On a Chronological Scale of Political Theories)

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Sokolskaya I.B. Is the Conservative Revolution Conservative? (On a Chronological Scale of Political Theories) . – Polis. Political Studies. 1999. No. 6. P. 119. (In Russ.)

Problems of classification of political theories are considered in the article, with the relation between conservatism and the ideology of conservative revolution chosen for concrete analysis and used as example. The author comes to the conclusion that these particular political and ideological trends are two different conceptions and the latter cannot be recognized as a specific variety of the former, for the term «conservatism» has not the capacity to be their common «title», as it has a number of properties that obviously contradict the notion of «conservative revolution» which it allegedly includes. So, the author argues, conservatism and conservative revolution are two ideologies of the same level, which belong to the subclass of sociopolitical conceptions appealing to the past and borrowing therefrom models of sociopolitical order. Sticking to the formal-logical procedure in juxtaposing conservatism and conservative revolution, the author establishes the chronogenous nature of political conceptions and of parties supporting them, which enabled the author to offer a scale of political theories as one instrument for the investigation of political systems.

Content No. 6, 1999

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