Rethinking Democratic Theory in the Face of Contemporary Politics

Shapiro Ien,

Professor, Department of Political Science, Yale University, USA,

For citation:

Shapiro Ien Rethinking Democratic Theory in the Face of Contemporary Politics . – Polis. Political Studies. 2001. No. 3. P. 6. (In Russ.)

"A well-known American political scientist assesses the state of Western, mainly American, political science insofar as democratic theory is concerned. Within the whole body of the existing theoretical concepts, he distinguishes, on the one hand, normative theories investigating democracy integrally as system of government called upon to justify expectations that people pin on it and clearing up, while being about it, the factors determining the extent of justifiability of the expectations themselves

Content No. 3, 2001

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Polis. Political Studies
6 2011

Zagladin N.V., Zagladina H.T.
Russian education at the crossroads

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