The Civil War in Russia as Viewed from the Angle of Political Conflictology.

DOI: 10.17976/jpps/2002.03.07
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Posadsky A.V. The Civil War in Russia as Viewed from the Angle of Political Conflictology. . – Polis. Political Studies. 2002. No. 3. P. 72-80. (In Russ.).


In his article, the author analyzes the complex of methods by which the participants of the Civil War in Russia (1918 to 1920) were trying to realize their respective purposes. He proceeds from stating the multi-agent, multi-aspect character of this war and retraces its connection with the prevalent character of the conflicts heritage which is traditional in its socio- cultural essence and goes back to Russian peasantry's both communal spirit and especial, and likewise traditional, devotion to the State. The Revolution of 1917 broke the formerly established mechanism of the "uppers'" and the "lowers'" mutual "hearing". The Bolshevists tested, and, at that, rather successfully, new political technologies: the "welding" of the existing conflicts, creation of such political atmosphere in which any opposition appears as "the enemy"; compelling the opponent to speak a language alien to him, etc.; in all cases, instrumental approach to Other is, within those political technologies, part and parcel of any initial attitude.

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Content No. 3, 2002

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