The Notion of Foreign Policy Mentality and Methodology of Its Study

Chugrov S.V.,

Professor, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, MFA of Russia, Dr. Sci. (Soc.), Editor-in-Chief, Polis. Political Studies; ,

elibrary_id: 252110 | ORCID: 0000-0002-8307-7606 |

DOI: 10.17976/jpps/2007.04.04
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Chugrov S.V. The Notion of Foreign Policy Mentality and Methodology of Its Study . – Polis. Political Studies. 2007. No. 4. P. 46-65. (In Russ.).


Investigating theoretical and methodological aspects of the notion “mentality”, the author substantiates the necessity of realizing a more profound conceptual gradation and of distinguishing the notion “foreign policy mentality” as opposed to “home policy mentality”. The author analyzes historical reasons and logical premises of the increased complexity of the content of the basic notion “mentality of a nation”, examines the influence of the globalization and of the information revolution on foreign policy mentality, as well as the “retroactive” influence of “foreign policy mentality” on the foreign policy of modern national states.

Content No. 4, 2007

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