Russia’s Regional Administrative-Political Elites:
the Past, the Present, the Future

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Ponedelkov A.V., Starostin A.M. Russia’s Regional Administrative-Political Elites: the Past, the Present, the Future . – Polis. Political Studies. 2008. No 6. P. 86 (In Russ.)


The analysis presented in the article is based on the use of the results of an empirical research by methods of expert interview and of mass poll as to the estimation of the condition and of the dynamics of changes of modern Russian elites and as to forecasts of possible changes, and, besides, as to the estimations of the state of the Russian elitology and the prospects of its development. It was regional administrative and political elites that turned out to be the priority object of research. The object of the research in the course of the mass poll turned out to be: the population’s idea and knowledge of modern elites; estimation by the population of the efficiency of the modern Russian elites’ activities; existing ideas of measures to improve the modern elites’ composition and to secure efficiency of their activities.

Content No 6, 2008

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