Oriental Countries and the Crisis of Modern Globalization Model

Mosyakov D.V.,

Dr. Sci. (Hist.), Professor, Head of Regional Studies, Moscow State University for the Humanities, Head of the Center for the Study of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, mosyakov.d@gmail.com

DOI: 10.17976/jpps/2015.06.05
For citation:

Mosyakov D.V. Oriental Countries and the Crisis of Modern Globalization Model. – Polis. Political Studies. 2015. No. 6. P. 29-34. (In Russ.). https://doi.org/10.17976/jpps/2015.06.05


The article analyzes the key aspects of the globalization process in the East. Studied are the issues of political liberalization, specifics of the economic mechanism forming in the Eastern countries, trends in the spiritual and cultural sphere. The author concludes that the Oriental globalization trend differs considerably from the one political scientists and politicians in the U.S. and other Western countries believe to exist.

globalization; mixed economy; liberal political regime; socialism; acculturation; national culture; regionalism; authoritarianism.

Content No. 6, 2015

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