The Truth and the Varity Concepts in Russian Culture:
the Problem of Correlation

For citation:

Chernikov M.V. The Truth and the Varity Concepts in Russian Culture: the Problem of Correlation . – Polis. Political Studies. 1999. No. 5. P. 43. (In Russ.)

Drawing into the scope of his analytical vision extensive material of history and culture history, the author - a philosopher from the University of Voronezh - discusses the claimed problem viewing it from the angle of interconnection of the ens and the due as perceived on the level of a world outlook. Three main paradigms in Russian cultural tradition are thus considered: the mythological, the Christian, and the neo-European ones. Much attention is given to the losses of, and to the search for pravda in the conditions of sacral secularization of Rus - Russia. Is it, though, that for her misfortunes, the very Russian approach is to blame? the very Russian approach to sacralization of istina, the «handing herself» over to its supreme authority, the unhesitatingly following its pravda? Those are the questions the author asks, but his own answer is: reflection is yet under way…

Content No. 5, 1999

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