The Shadow Way of Life (A Sociological Self-Portrait of Post-Soviet Society)

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Klyamkin I.M., Timofeyev L.M. The Shadow Way of Life (A Sociological Self-Portrait of Post-Soviet Society) . – Polis. Political Studies. 2000. No. 5. P. 121. (In Russ.)

Russians’ attitude to corruption and to different kinds of shadow practice was examined in the first pert of the present article (see the previous issue of the journal). Now in its concluding part the authors propose to show how society and, in particular, certain groups of society (singled out on the basis of their inclination to activities in enterprise) figure out due methods of confronting economic crime, and what forces are capable, in their views, of waging such confrontation. Analyzing the data of an all-Russian sociological poll, the authors come to the conclusion that the moral-repressive type of mass consciousness traditional for the country, is still dominant in Russia. Yet, certain symptoms are also described in the article, of a shift of the country towards the acceptance of legal values untraditional for it, and the corresponding social subjects are spotted.

Content No. 5, 2000

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