Territorial Identity and Interethnic Relations (with Eastern Regions of Stavropol Kraj as Example)

Kolosov V.A.,

Dr. Sci. (Geogr.), Professor, Deputy Director, Head, Laboratory of Geopolitical Studies, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences; Professor-Researcher, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, vladimirkolossov@gmail.com

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Galkina T.A.

Krindach A.D.


For citation:

Kolosov V.A., Galkina T.A., Krindach A.D. Territorial Identity and Interethnic Relations (with Eastern Regions of Stavropol Kraj as Example) . – Polis. Political Studies. 2001. No. 2. P. 61. (In Russ.)

The article is concentrated on finding out to what extent and in what ways the internationalization process and the related evolution of different social, territorial and ethnic groups’ identity contribute to the increase of interethnic tension. The authors analyze the history of populating the Stavropolye lands as well as the results of their own study which was recently carried out to reveal hierarchy of different levels of territorial identity of the Kraj’s nowaday population, and thus try to prognosticate further evolution of the ethno-cultural situation in this multinational region of Russia that has turned a “frontier” one.

Content No. 2, 2001

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