Comparative Political Science:
Scientific Comparison in Political Knowledge System

Ilyin M.V.,

Professor, Head of the Center for Advanced Methodologies of Social and Humanitarian Research, Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Professor, HSE University; Professor, MGIMO University,

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Ilyin M.V. Comparative Political Science: Scientific Comparison in Political Knowledge System . – Polis. Political Studies. 2001. No. 4. P. 162. (In Russ.)

"The author, Dr. Sc. (Politics), singles out types and levels of mental assimilation of politics, analyzes the nature and character of comparisons in this sphere, discusses the possibilities of political comparative studies, their role in the system of scientific knowledge about politics. Two tendencies in the development of this discipline are characterized: actively-constructive (generating) and reactively-descriptive (taxonomic). Furthermore, the main stages of the formation of comparative political science are curtly described, beginning with later decades of the 19th century, and its present condition is outlined on the methodological plane. M.V.Ilyin points out three tendencies proper, in his opinion, to the process of methodological transformation of comparative political science nowadays: the radical (including post-modern) one

Content No. 4, 2001

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