Toynbee’s Jesus (Computational Hermeneutics and Continuing Presence of Mediterranean Civilization)


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Alker H.R.-Jr., Lehnert W.J., Schneider D.K. Toynbee’s Jesus (Computational Hermeneutics and Continuing Presence of Mediterranean Civilization) . – Polis. Political Studies. 2001. No. 6. P. 64. (In Russ.)

"An article incorporated in Alker, H.R. 1996. Rediscoveries and Reformulations. Humanistic Methodologies for International Studies. Cambridge, contained a synthetic rationale for the author’s approach to the inquiry into the issue of the motivating power or charisma of the Jesus story, when the researcher’s endeavour concentrates on the discovery of analytically reproducible, motivationally suggestive plot structures implicit in the texts of the Jesus story as they are read or heard by different individuals. Now, two analyses accomplished on these lines, both independently coded, computer-assisted, are presented in a critical hermeneutic way in the article published here. Lehnert’s coding of the Jesus story derives from A.Toynbee’s schematic outline contained in an Appendix to one of the volumes of his Study of History

Content No. 6, 2001

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