Geocracy. Eurasia as the Image, Symbol and Project of Russian Civilization

Zamyatin D.N.,

Dr. Sci. (Cultural Anthropology), principal researcher, Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism, National Research University Higher School of Economics,

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Zamyatin D.N. Geocracy. Eurasia as the Image, Symbol and Project of Russian Civilization . – Polis. Political Studies. 2009. No. 1. P. 71-99. (In Russ.)


Geocracy s a new notion that the author brings into use for the designation of the indeterminate cognitive situation arisen with the comprehension of the role of geographical expanse in the history of Russia and Russian civilization. The necessity of it is substantiated by the fact that Western models provided by political science, as well as Western culturological and civilizational models, turn out theoretically and methodologically insufficient for the understanding of specific character of the development of Russia as a state and as a civilization. The notion and the image of geocracy present, according to the author’s conception, an attempt of mental economy in interdisciplinary investigations into the Russian civilization.

Content No. 1, 2009

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