Conception ofeconomic political science and specificities of its subjest field in Russia

Bogaturov A.D.,

Professor, Chairman of the Editorial Board of the International Trends Journal,

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Bogaturov A.D. Conception ofeconomic political science and specificities of its subjest field in Russia . – Polis. Political Studies. 2011. No. 4. P. 8-19. (In Russ.)


The increase of the role of the state in Russia’s economics in the 2000s resulted in restriction of the freedom of business and brought about conflicts between political power and that part of the business world, which sought influence in the world of politics. At the same time arose a complex of questions concerning contradictory relations between business and the broad strata of Russian society. Business does not show sufficient readiness to assume its part of social responsibility. This complex of questions is studied by a new discipline – economic political science. It is the most general features of the authorities’ interaction with business in Russia, as well as the difficulties in the process of the said interaction, that are considered in the article. Economic Politics of Business – Government Relations – this is, approximately formulated, what the subject of economic political science consists in.


Content No. 4, 2011

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