Research optics and methodological perspectives of contemporary ethnopoliitical science

Research optics and methodological perspectives of contemporary ethnopoliitical science

DOI: 10.17976/jpps/2022.01.15

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Borisova N.V. Research optics and methodological perspectives of contemporary ethnopoliitical science. – Polis. Political Studies. 2022. No. 1. P. 184-191. (In Russ.).


The monograph by P.V. Oskolkov “Essays on ethnopolitical studies” (Moscow: Aspect Press, 2021) is devoted to recent developments and the current state of the ethnopolitics academic literature. Referring to a wide range of ethnopolitical studies, the author focuses on the categorical apparatus and characteristics of its methodological framework. The author considers issues such as the nation and ethnicity, nationalism and the national state, ethnopolitics and language, ethnic voting and party politics. He employs a wide range of research approaches and theoretical solutions to explain their nature, dynamics, variability. P. Oskolkov outlines and concretizes ethnopolitical studies as a social and interdisciplinary field of knowledge. This monograph is interesting on account of the critical review of concepts that it offers, the theories it expands on and its illustrative content. It also vividly and succinctly explains the nature of the discussed ethnopolitical phenomena. 

ethnopolitics, ethnopolitical studies, nationalism, nation, ethnic group, ethnopolitical conflict, politicization of ethnicity.


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Content No. 1, 2022

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