Polis. Political Studies

Chugrov S.V.

E-mail: s.chugrov@inno.mgimo.ru
Dr. Sci. (Soc.), Professor, Department of Sociology, leading researcher, Institute of International Studies, MGIMO University; Editor-in-chief of Polis. Political Studies journal Moscow, Russia

Professor Sergei Chugrov (born on 24 November 1950) is an expert in Russian foreign policy and international relations, Russian media, communicology, and international journalism, Japanese socio-cultural studies, modernization of traditional societies.

He graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) of the MOFA in 1973. S. Chugrov holds his doctors degree in sociology from the same university (2007) as well as professors diploma (2013).

He is now a professor of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Department of International Journalism).In 2002-2007, he served as the chair of International Journalism at MGIMO University.

He is now (since 2007) the Editor in Chief of Polis (Political Studies), , and a Leading Researcher of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (since 1992).

In 1987-2007, he also served as deputy chief editor of the journal World Economy and International Relations (MEMO), and in 1977-1987 he worked as a correspondent and a columnist at the Izvestia daily newspaper.

Professor Chugrov is the author of several individual monographs, about ten collective monographs and about 300 journal and newspaper articles published in Russia, the USA, Japan, the ROK, Germany and other countries.

Among his monographs are:

  • (Japan in Search of New Identity) (in Russian), Moscow: Oriental Literature, 2010 (312 pp.).
  • (Sociocultural Space and Foreign Policy of Modern Japan) (in Russian), Moscow: IMEMO, 2007 (252 .)
  • Der Westen im russischen Bewußtsein (The West in Russian Consciousness), (in German)/ - Berichte des Bundesinstituts fűr ostwißenschaftliche und internationale Studien. Köln, 2000. (co-authored with G. Diligenskiy). 40 .
  • Domestic Sources of Russian Foreign Policy Towards Japan in the 1990s (in English), Occasional Papers, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, 1994 (82 pp.)
  • : (Russia and the West: Metamorphosis of Mutual Perceptions) (in Russian), Moscow: Nauka Publishing House, 1993.

Among articles in Japanese:

  • Sergey Chugrov. Rosia-Nihon: Dakai ka, tezumari ka? Rosia-Yurasia keizai chosa shiryo.(A Deadlock, a Stalemate? Russia-Eurasia Economic Materials). Tokyo, Yurasia kenkyujo, 1994-2006, (849) 2003.3. Pp. 2-17.

Professor Chugrov has held research fellowships and lectured in Japan (Hosei University, Shizuoka Prefectural University), the USA (Harvard University), France (Ecole des Sciences de lHomme), and Great Britain (London School of Economics), and has participated in research programs initiated by the Japan Foundation; SIPRI; the University of Calgary (Canada) and the Gorbachev Foundation. Currently he is a member of the Russian-Japanese Commission of Historians.

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