Polis. Political Studies

The editorial team of “Polis. Political Studies” proceeds from the assumption that each Journal’s reviewer commits to the following ethical principles of peer review:

– Reviewer cannot be: a member of an established scientific team, which authors of a reviewed manuscript (or their frequent co-author in other works) belong to; scientific adviser (scientific consultant) of any of the authors – applicants for an academic degree.

–  Manuscripts are reviewed only by experts in corresponding subdisciplines.

–  Review should contain an objective and profound analysis of scientific article, its academic and methodological strong and weak points.

– Reviewer must not use information on manuscript’s content before its publication in his own interests.

–  Reviewed article is a confidential document which cannot be distributed to third parties for consideration or discussion. In case of conflict of interests, the editorial team should be notified immediately.

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Publication Ethics

Authors’ Ethical Principles



Introducing an article

Polis. Political Studies
6 2015

Rozov N.S.
The Theory of Political Regimes Transformation and Nature of Neopatrimonialism



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