Polis. Political Studies

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 Babilon Aeris. Hybrid World and Syrian Maze
Neklessa A.I.
No 3, 2016

 Back to Subject: The Theory of Just War in Contemporary Political Thought
Bugrov K.D., Loginov A.V.
No 5, 2020

 Back to the Wall: Myths and Mistakes that Made the Ukraine Crisis
Sakwa R.
No 4, 2015

 Balance of Power Between the G-20 States: Analysis with Multidimensional Scaling Method
Artyushkin V.F., Kazantzev A.A., Sergeev V.M.
No 2, 2021

 Balance of State Interests and Human Rights in Perception of Russians: Empirical Analysis
Tikhonova N.E.
No 5, 2018

Bashkortostan - _Terra Incognita_ on the Political Map of Russia
Selivanov A.I.
No 6, 1995

 Bashkortostan: The problems of Identity in a Multi-Cultural Region
Sukhanov V.M.
No 4, 2008

Basic Categories of Political Science (A Chapter from a Manual)
Ilyin M.V., Melville A.Yu., Fyodorov Yu.Ye.
No 4, 1996

Basic Methodological Problems of Comparative Political Science
Ilyin M.V.
No 6, 2001

 Basic parameters of modern system of international relations (Part I)
Baranovsky V.G.
No 3, 2012

 Basic parameters of modern system of international relations. Part II. Qualitative parameters
Baranovsky V.G.
No 4, 2012

 Basic parameters of modern system of international relations. Part III
Baranovsky V.G.
No 5, 2012

Basic Political Science (Syllabus of a Curriculum Course)
Pantin I.K., Shmachkova T.V.
No 1, 1998

 Bastions of Tradition: The Ethnic Factor and Machine Politics in the Russian Regions
Shkel S.N.
No 1, 2019

 Bearer of Legitimacy (Russian Political Tradition of Organization of the Power’s Social Address)
Vorobyov D.M.
No 5, 2003

Beauty Will Save the World? Ideology as Aesthetics
Musikhin G.I.
No 4, 2008

Before and After the Elections
Klyamkin I.M.
No 6, 1993

Behind the Scene
Kurnosov A.A.
No 2, 1995

Being Intellectual as Functional Status
Ushakin S.A.
No 1, 1998

 Belarus: A New Geopolitical Reality?
Koktysh K.E.
No 3, 2021

Belt and Road Initiative and the African continental free trade area
Zabella A.A.
No 1, 2024

 Benefits of using Alexander Bogdanov’s organizational theory in explaining the transformations of the European Union
Moiseeva D.E.
No 3, 2023

Between Authoritarianism and Democracy
Klyamkin I.M., Lapkin V.V., Pantin V.I.
No 2, 1995

 Between Clinton and Bush, or How Is World Politics to be Taught?
Barabanov O.N.
No 6, 2004

 Between Conflicts and Partnership: Contemporary Development of Russian-Georgian Relations
Bezhanishvili Z.R.
No 4, 2008

Between Either/Or and More or Less: Sovereignty versus Autonomy under Federalism
Lakoff S.
No 1, 1995

Between Espression-Seeking and Rationality: On the Study of Electoral Behaviour in Russia.
Shevchenko Yu.D.
No 1, 1998

 Between Substance and Procedure: Two Traditions in Deliberative Democratic Theory
Savin N.Yu.
No 4, 2019

 Between the Cossacks and the Whip (To the Centenary of the Russian Constitution and of the Russian Parliament)
Pivovarov Yu.S.
No 2, 2006

 Between the Empire and the Hegemony: Turmoil in the USA Politics
Hunt M.
No 6, 2008

 Between the State and the Nation: Dilemmas of Identity Policy in Post-Soviet Societies
Semenenko I.S., Lapkin V.V., Bardin A.L., Pantin V.I.
No 5, 2017

 Between tradition and utopia: left-wing conservatism in Russia
Rabotyazhev N.V.
No 4, 2014

Bicameralism and the Division of Powers in Contemporary States
Coakley J.
No 3, 1997

 Bilderberg Coming of Age (1950s-1970s)
Pechatnov V.O.
No 5, 2018

Birth of a World - Birth of a Science - Birth of an Age
Laslo E.
No 2, 1993

Bjorn Engholm - Leader of the SDPG
Levansky S.A.
No 5, 1991

Blessed Augustine and Civitas Terrena
Editorial Introduction
No 4, 2006

 Blockchain as Institution of Procedural Justice
Smorgunov L.V.
No 5, 2018

 Border interaction between Russia and European Union: trends and modeling
Simonyan R.Kh., Kochegarova T.M.
No 5, 2014

 Breaches of Legal Continuity in 20th Century Russia’s History
Alyushin A.L.
No 3, 2005

 Brexit and Political Personality: The Psychological Profiles of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn
De Landtsheer C., Hollander Sh., Maene P.
No 6, 2021

 British Labour Intellectual Leader on State and Society in the Epoch of Globalization
Malkin V.A.
No 5, 2003

Bruder W.
No 5, 1991

Bureaucratic Writing as a Mechanism of Rule
Orlova G.A.
No 5, 1999

 Burke and the Politics of Prescription (Foreword by M.P.Kizima)
Kirk R.
No 5, 2003

 Business and the Population: A Lack of Trust – Reasons and Consequences
Kozyreva P.M., Smirnov A.I.
No 1, 2017

 But Has There Been Any Choice? 165
Ufimtzev V.V.
No 4, 2003

Byelorussia: Political Regime in the International Context (On an Essay of a Systemic Study)
Feldman D.M.
No 3, 2001

Byelorussia’s Party System: Condition and the Main Tendencies of Development
Kirilkina I.L.
No 4, 2001



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