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 E-Government in Russia: current state and prospects
Pavlyutenkova M.Yu.
No 1, 2013

East Europe-91: Adaptation and Transformation of State Structures
Zabelin A.V., Kashenko T.L., Mironov V.A., Prasolov D.S., Ostrovidova E.Yu.
No 5, 1991

Eastern Europe: _Moment of Truth_ Yet to Come
Shevtzova L.F.
No 1, 1991

Eclipse. Not after Antonioni (Student Disturbances and the Mass-Media: Inquiry into a Phenomenon).
Tarasov A.N.
No 6, 1997

 Ecological Politics as a Network Process
Yanitsky O.N.
No 2, 2002

 Ecological Problems in the Draft Constitution of the European Union
Gusev A.A.
No 1, 2009

 Economic Development Impact of Political Institutions: a Mechanism of Influence
Linetsky A.I.
No 2, 2016

 Economic policy in post-soviet Russia and the russian history
Lukin A.V., Lukin P.V.
No 4, 2011

Editorial Postscriptum
Editorial Postscriptum.
No 1, 1993

 Edmund Burke: An Essay of Political Philosophy of Commonsense
Krasheninnikova Yu.A.
No 3, 2003

Education as a Form of Power
Ushakin S.A.
No 5, 1993

 Education in Modern Political Theory Discourse (Bibliographic Review)
Gutorov V.A.
No 3, 2019

 Education in the modern political agenda
Eremeev S.G.
No 1, 2015

Education in the Spirit of Human Rights
No 2, 1997

 Education in the US “Soft Power” Policy
Antyukhova E.A.
No 2, 2019

 Edward Bernays: from manipulating public opinion to engineering of consent
Belousov A.B.
No 4, 2012

 Effectiveness of public investment: a «Model-to-evaluation» strategy
Akhremenko A.S.
No 6, 2014

 Effects of the “Maidan”: Political System of Ukraine after the Crisis of 2004
Kynev A.V.
No 1, 2005

 Efficient Variant of Russian Statehood Necessary (An Interview with Sergey M. Mironov)
Ilyin M.V.
No 1, 2003

Election Campaigns in Russia: Electoral Formula on Trial
Gelman V.Ya.
No 2, 1996

 Election or coronation? The scope of presidential powers in the countries of the third wave of democratization
Lokshin I.M.
No 5, 2014

Election Rules, Parties and Political Stability
Wallerstein M.
No 6, 1992

 Elections in Russia and in France: Lessons for Political Science
No 1, 2004

 Elections in Russia: Institutional Perspective
Panov P.V.
No 5, 2008

Elections in St. Petersburg - Provokers' Tournament
Vishn'evsky B.L.
No 2, 1999

 Electoral Authoritarianism: the Kazakhstan Variant
Shestopal Ye.B.
No 6, 2002

Electoral Behaviour in Russia: Theoretical Prospects and the Results of the Regional Elections
Golosov G.V.
No 4, 1997

 Electoral Behaviour of the Electors to the State Duma of the Beginning of the 20th Century 142
Filippov Yu.M.
No 4, 2003

Electoral Campaigns and Pre-Election Issues: The _Level Playing-Field_ and Democratic Elections
Merloe P.
No 4, 1995

 Electoral Corruption. Medical Record
Korgunyuk Yu.G.
No 2, 2015

 Electoral Default and De-institutionalization of Political Market
Solovyov A.I.
No 1, 2004

 Electoral Engineering in the Light of the Prospects of the Development of Democracy
Meleshkina Ye.Yu.
No 2, 2006

Electoral Evolution: Multidimensional Electoral Space of the Regions and That of the Parties in 1995 and in 1999
Ovchinnikov B.V.
No 2, 2000

 Electoral Malpractices around the World
Turchenko M.S.
No 5, 2020

Electoral Map of Contemporary Russia: Genesis, Structure, and Evolution
Kolosov V.A., Turovsky R.F.
No 4, 1996

Electoral Operations, Human Rights and Public Confidence in a Democratic System
Merloe P.
No 4, 1995

 Electoral Preferences in Cities and Large Towns of Russia: Types and Stability
Kolosov V.A., Borodulina N.A.
No 4, 2004

Electoral Process in Russia's Regions (Round Table by Correspondence)
Kovalev V.A., Meleshkina Ye.Yu., Lystzov V.V.
No 5, 1998

Electoral season of december 1995 to december 1996
Editorial Preface.
No 1, 1997

 Electoral Systems and Russian Electoral Legislation 120
Lyubarev A.Ye.
No 4, 2003

Electors' Behaviour and Electoral Politics in Russia
Afanasyev M.N.
No 3, 1995

Elements of Uncertainty in a Transition Period
Bunce V.
No 1, 1993

 eLibrary.ru and Russian Science Citation Index in the information infrastructure of russian science: conversation with Gennadiy Yeremenko, Director General, eLibrary.ru
Yeremenko G.O., Kokarev K.P.
No 1, 2014

 Elite conflicts in the three-century history of Russian modernization
Sergeev V.M., Koktysh K.E.
No 1, 2023

 Elite Settlement and Limits of Democratization: the Case of Nizhegorodskaya Oblast (Nizhniy Novgorod Region)
Gelman V.Ya.
No 1, 1999

Elitists and Pluralists in Contemporary Political Theory
Tarusina I.G.
No 4, 1997

Emotional Component of Political Culture (As Illustrated by Analysis of Schoolchildren's Colour Perception of Politicians' Images)
Andrianov M.S.
No 2, 1997

 Empire as a Notion and Concept of Modern Political Science: The Problems of Interpretation
Shishkov V.V.
No 4, 2018

 Empire Substitute: On the Nature and Origin of the Federative Political Form
Kaspe S.I.
No 4, 2005

Empires: Genesis, Structure, Functions
Kaspe S.I.
No 5, 1997

 Empirical challenges and methodological approaches in comparative politics (through the lens of the Political Atlas of the Modern World 2.0)
Melville A.Yu., Malgin A.V., Mironyuk M.G., Stukal D.K.
No 5, 2023

Empirical Classifications of Russians' Vital Values in the Post-Soviet Period
Goryainov V.P.
No 4, 1996

 Empirical model of the structure of power in an extremist grouping (on the basis of Eric Bern’s adapted methods)
Morozov I.L.
No 5, 2009

 Energy resources and geopolitics
Utkin A.I.
No 3, 2010

Enforceable Trust in the World of Social Networks
Barsukova S.Yu.
No 2, 2001

 Engineering of consent
Bernays E.L.
No 4, 2013

 Enigmas of theocracy and their solution
Mitrofanova A.V.
No 5, 2009

 Enlightened Statism (A.D. Bogaturov and Russian International Relations Theory)
Tzygankov A.P., Tzygankov P.A.
No 4, 2017

 Enter into New Epoch of Great Shocks: the Attempt of the Outstripping Theoretical Reflexion
Lapkin V.V.
No 1, 2009

Entering the World of Politics (Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Political Didactics)
Shcherbinin A.I.
No 5, 1996

 Environmental Social Movement and the Power: Forms of Interaction
Khaliy I.A.
No 4, 2008

 Epistemology of political pragmatism
Sudakov S.S.
No 1, 2010

 Escalation of conventional conflicts: about the possible transition of the nuclear threshold
Baranovsky V.G.
No 4, 2022

 Escalation of History as Phenomenon in the Relations of Russia with the Countries of Central-East Europe
Tarasov I.N.
No 2, 2008

 Essay of Countries Classification
Melville A.Yu., Ilyin M.V., Meleshkina Ye.Yu., Mironyuk M.G., Polunin Yu.A., Timofeev I.N.
No 5, 2006

Essay of Introduction to Political Science (Concept and Methodology)
Gadzhiev K.S.
No 1, 1992

Essay of Policy Making towards Aboriginal Population (Based on Materials of the _Ob Panorama_ Expedition)
Rozin V.M.
No 5, 1993

 Essentials of the Alternation of Russian Political Seasons
Lapkin V.V.
No 1, 2004

 Estimation of effectiveness of public policy institutions in Russia
Nikovskaya L.I., Yakimets V.N.
No 5, 2013

 Estimation of the state’s effectiveness in the production of public services: a theoretical model and the methods of measuring
Akhremenko A.S.
No 1, 2012

Estimations of Russian Political Leaders’ Personal Qualities: Problems of Measurement and Interpretation
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Britzky G. O., Vladykina I.K., Dubov I.G., Klimova S.G., Levinson A.G., Makarenko B.I., Presn’akova L.A., Shelekasova N.P., Shestopal Ye.B., Shmachkova T.V.
No 1, 2001

 Ethnic and racial minorities in the USA: ideological orientations, political preferences, electoral activity
Kuvaldina A.V.
No 6, 2012

Ethnic Aspects of the Institutionalization of Political Process in Ukraine
Lagutin A.V.
No 4, 2001

 Ethnic Conflict and Forms of Government: Contemporary Discussions
Zaznaev O.I.
No 1, 2021

 Ethnic Conflict in the Context of Russian National Security
Naydenko V.N.
No 1, 2020

Ethnic Enterprise: the World Experience and Russia
Radayev V.V.
No 5, 1993

Ethnic Status in Ideology and Politics
Savva M.V.
No 4, 1999

Ethnical Areas in Modern Russia: Comparative Analysis of the Risks of Ethnic Conflicts
Kolosov V.A., Treyvish A.l.
No 2, 1996

 Ethnicity and Cultural Pluralism in the Context of the State Policy
Smirnov A.N.
No 4, 2005

 Ethnicity and Fellow-Citizenship (Ethno-National Movements in Finno-Ugrian Regions of the Russian Federation)
Kovalev V.A., Shabayev Yu.P.
No 4, 2004

 Ethno-Clanship Relations on Post-Soviet Space
Sanglibayev A.A.
No 6, 2007

Ethno-Nationalism, Multi-Ethnic State and the Process of Globalization
Prazauskas A.A.
No 2, 1997

Ethno-Political Processes in the Post-Soviet Area and the Reconstruction of Northern Eurasia
Dragunsky D.V.
No 3, 1995

 Ethno-political transformation of Belarus and of Ukraine through migration trends
Podolianskaya A.O.
No 2, 2010

Ethnocracy - an Unforeseen Phenomenon of the Post-Totalitarian World
Volkov V.K.
No 2, 1993

 Ethnonational Conflict in Chechnya and in Kosovo: Comparative Analysis
Sukhar A.A.
No 4, 2007

Ethnonational Problems and the Constitutional Reform in the Russian Federation
Sheynis V.L.
No 3, 1993

 Ethnopolitical and Ethnosocial Processes in Post-Soviet Countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine Cases)
Pantin V.I., Lapkin V.V.
No 5, 2015

 Ethnopolitical Conflict and Politics of Identity in Latin America
Prokhorenko I.L.
No 4, 2016

Ethnopolitics in the East European Transition Process
Offe K.
No 2, 1996

Ethnopolitics in the East European Transition Process
Offe K.
No 3, 1996

 Ethnosocial Situation in Arctic Regions of Russia and the State National Policy
Zaykov K.S., Maksimov A.M., Tamitskiy A.M., Troshina T.I.
No 2, 2018

 EU Security: Micro-Aggression with Macro-Consequences
Arbatova N.K.
No 5, 2021

 Eurasian economic union: lost in the middle of nowhere
Inozemtzev V.L.
No 6, 2014

 Eurasian integration and the clash of values
Lukin A.V.
No 6, 2014

Eurasianism in the Post-Soviet Orient (Uzbekistan)
Arapov A.V., Umansky Ya.S.
No 4, 1992

Europe - Russia: _the Third Autumn_ of the System of Civilizations
Tzymbursky V.L.
No 2, 1997

European Cooperation in Social Science Data Dissemination .
Mochmann E.
No 6, 1997

 European Identity: the Desired and the Real
Vainshtein G.I.
No 4, 2009

 European Research Area in Action: Horizon 2020
Talagayeva D.A.
No 1, 2018

European Security in the Changing World: Russia and Germany (An International Conference).
Davydov Yu.P., Schulze P., Albrecht U., Fogt K., Grinin V.M., Erler H., Zaricky B.E., Penkin A., Shpanger H.-I., Karaganov S.A., Maksimenko V.I., Kozhokin E.M., Starovoitova G.V., Vinogradova I.V.Novikov V.I.
No 4, 1993

 European Union in political management of global finance
Strezhneva M.V.
No 2, 2014

 European Union in the System of International Security: New Instruments of Crisis Settlement
Novikova O.O.
No 4, 2008

 European Union’s energy security and Russia
Simonia N.A., Torkunov A.V.
No 5, 2014

 European View of Russia’s Foreign Policy
Streltzova Ya.R.
No 6, 2008

 EU’s «Eastern partnership»: rival development scenarios
Gaman-Golutvina O.V., Ponomaryova Ye.G., Shishelina L.N.
No 5, 2014

 Evaluation of Power Distribution among the European Political Groups in the European Parliament in 1979-2014
Kamalova R.U.
No 4, 2016

 Evolution of a Constant: Russian Elites in Historical Context
Duka A.V.
No 6, 2008

 Evolution of Italy’s Regions as Actors of World Politics
Barabanov O.N.
No 4, 2005

 Evolution of Nation-State: An Attempt of Deconstruction.
Makarenko S.A.
No 1, 2008

 Evolution of Russian Federalism.
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Galkin A.A., Fedosov P.A., Valentey S.D., Solovey V.D.
No 3, 2002

 Evolution of Russia’s Parties Spectrum on the Eve of the 2007 Parliamentary Elections
Anokhina N.V., Meleshkina Ye.Yu.
No 2, 2008

 Evolution of the concept of public policy: attention for «motive forces» and for governing entities
Belyayeva N.Yu.
No 3, 2011

 Evolutionary Complication of Political Systems: Problems of Methodology and Research
Pantin V.I., Lapkin V.V.
No 2, 2002

 Evolutionary cycles and problems of forecasting political changes
Semenenko I.S.
No 1, 2015

 Executive Power in Post-Soviet States (With Russia, Estonia, and Kyrgyzstan as Instances)
Samonova Ye.A.
No 3, 2003

 Expanse as Image and Transaction: to the Formation of Geonomics
Zamyatin D.N.
No 1, 2007

Expansion of Creativity: a Challenge to the Economic Epoch
Inozemtzev V.L.
No 5, 1997

 Experience of Mixed-System Elections in Russia’s Regions
Glubotzky A.Yu., Kynev A.V.
No 2, 2003

 Experience of Municipal Reformation in the States of Baltic Europe
Kurochkin A.V., Kurochkina Ye.O.
No 3, 2003

 Experience of the Cultural and Civilizational Approach to the Problem of Modenization in the Studies of V. Fedotova and its Heuristic Potential
Karelova L.B.
No 6, 2016

Experience of the Development of Applied Political Science in Russia
Amelin V.N., Degtyarev Andrey Alekseevich
No 3, 1998

Experience of Transition Period Policy
Fadeyev D.A.
No 5, 1991

Experiences of Western Social Democracy as Applied to Russia
Shveytzer V.Ya.
No 6, 1994

 Expert Community and Power: Models of Interaction and Problems of Civil Responsibility
Sungurov A.Yu.
No 4, 2018

 Expert community, think tanks and power: experience of three regions
Sungurov A.Yu.
No 2, 2014

 Expert Opinion: Image of the Ideal Politician in Russia
Ogneva Yu.I., Kalmykov N.N.
No 1, 2017

 Expert-statistical, bayesian approach to political prognostication scenarios
Blagoveshchensky Yu.N., Krechetova M.Yu., Satarov G.A.
No 4, 2012

Experts - on Factors of Democratic Consolidation of Russia
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Urnov M.Yu., Mekhanik A., Aron M., Smirnyagin L.V., Oreshkin D.B., Savel’yev A., Khenkin S.M., Ryzhenkov S., Sheynis V.L., Avtonomov A., Makarkin A., Shveytzer V.Ya., Fedosov P.A.
No 4, 1996

 Explication of politician’s ideological representations: linguistico-cognitive approach
Gavrilova M.V.
No 3, 2010

 Exploring the causes of gubernatorial resignations in Russia
Turovsky R.F., Luizidis E.M.
No 4, 2022

 Export Controls as a Tool to Maintain U.S. Leadership in a Changing World
Kirichenko E.V.
No 1, 2020



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