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 Harold Lasswell on the Nature of Political Reality
Alyushin A.L.
No 5, 2006

Has a Historic Frontier Been Left Behind?
Sheynis V.L.
No 1, 1997

 Have the reforms come to an end and what have been their results?
Plyays Ya.A.
No 5, 2010

 Heuristic Capacity of Metaphors
Blyakher L.Ye.
No 5, 2003

Historical Experience of Anti-Fascism
Yakhimovich Z.P.
No 2, 1995

 Historical origins of russian political culture
Sergeev V.M.
No 4, 2012

Historical Place of the 20th Congress of the CPSU and Modern Times
Sheynis V.L.
No 3, 1996

Historism of a Socio-Political Phenomenon (Relation of Sociology and Historiography in the Light of the Historism Problem)
Nikitina A.G.
No 5, 2000

 History in political culture of Germany: genesis and modernity
Pavlov N.V., Pimenova E.V.
No 1, 2023

 History of Concepts as Political Science Discipline (On Publication of Russian Translation оf “Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe”)
Topychkanov A.V.
No 3, 2016

History of Fascism and of the Overcoming of It - within Entire History of the 20th Century Europe
B'elousov L.S., Shumavan A.
No 4, 1999

History of Freedom in Antiquity
Acton J.
No 3, 1993

 History of International Relations: Verification of a Scientific Conception
Kosolapov N.A.
No 2, 2004

Hitlerism, Stalinism, Totalitarianism: Realities and Terms
Agayev S.L.
No 3, 1995

Homo Politicus between Ratio and Reactions to Stimuli (To the Calculus of Cognitive Types of Decision Making)
Tzymbursky V.L.
No 5, 1995

 Horizons of Responsible Development: from Discourse to Governance
Semenenko I.S.
No 3, 2019

 How about a conversation? Socio-organizational characteristics of collective action in contemporary Moscow
Bederson V.D.
No 3, 2022

 How and Why Should We Measure and Compare State Capacity of Different Countries? An Experiment with Empirical Research
Akhremenko A.S., Gorelskiy I.E., Melville A.Yu.
No 3, 2019

 How and Why Should We Measure and Compare State Capacity of Different Countries? Theoretical and Methodological Foundations
Akhremenko A.S., Gorelskiy I.E., Melville A.Yu.
No 2, 2019

How Are Social Changes Possible? (Prolegomena to a Statistical Theory of Social Networks)
Sergeev V.M.
No 6, 2001

How Far Reaching the Polis’ Popularity: Returns of a Questionnaire Poll
No 1, 2001

 How Free Is “Free Trade”? (To the Question of the Use of the Concept)
Matviyenko I.G.
No 2, 2007

 How Good Are the Journals in Which You Publish Your Articles?
Grigorieva E.I., Zaripova Z.R., Kokarev K.P.
No 3, 2015

How International Conflict Systems Live and Die (The Fate of the Baltic and Black Sea System in the 16th to the 20th Centuries)
Tzymbursky V.L.
No 4, 1998

How Is the Power Configuration in Russia to Be Changed?
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Klyamkin I.M., Lapkin V.V., Ilyin M.V., Solovyov A.I., Meleshkina Ye.Yu., Mezhuyev B.V.
No 4, 1999

 How the Impossible Proves Possible: a Glance at the Perestroika Taken Twenty Years Later
Malinova O.Yu.
No 5, 2007

 How the Regime is Created: Power Coalitions in Siberian Cities
Pustovoit Yu.A.
No 4, 2019

 How to draw up correctly an electronic publication
Grigorieva E.I., Sitdikov I.M.
No 3, 2013

 How to Measure Soft Power in International Relations
Gallarotti G.M.
No 1, 2020

 How to theorize politics?
Menshikov A.S.
No 1, 2010

How to Transform Ourselves?
Kulpin E.S.
No 4, 1991

How We Perceive the World We Live In (On Methodological Problems of Interpreting the Post-Industrial World)
Ratz M.V.
No 3, 2000

Hubris syndrome and technologies of delegitimation of power
Moskalenko O.A., Irkhin A.A.
No 1, 2024

 Human behavior and politics
Feldman O.
No 6, 2013

 Human capital of an academic community under digital transformation: the case of Japan
Chugrov S.V.
No 6, 2023

Human Dignity: To a Liberal Strategy of Law for Russia
Khovanskaya A.V.
No 4, 2001

 Human Dimension of Federalism (Federalist Theories and Tendencies of the Federative Relations’ Development in Russia)
Mironyuk M.G.
No 3, 2003

Human Resources for the Renovation of Russia
Shkaratan O.I., Galchin A.V.
No 3, 1993

 Human rights and tolerance
Kartzov A.S.
No 6, 2010

 Human rights as subject of political science and as interdisciplinary conception
Sungurov A.Yu.
No 6, 2010

 Human rights discourse and the russian-european relations
Zakharova O.V.
No 4, 2013

 Human Rights in World Politics: Modern Theoretical Models
Merkushev V.N.
No 4, 2006

 Humanitarian catastrophe
Yanitsky O.N.
No 1, 2015

 Humanitarization of World Politics
Lebedeva M.M.
No 4, 2021

 Hundred Years of Wars and Revolutions. The Epoch Continues?
Oganisyan Yu.S.
No 1, 2017

Hyperfederalism: Russian Decentralization in a Comparative Perspective
Sungurov A.Yu.
No 1, 1996



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