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 N.Fraser’s “Feminist-Socialist” Critical Theory of Late Capitalism
Furs V.N.
No 6, 2004

 N.N. Moiseev: on Political Science and the Future of the Humankind
Smirnova N.Yu.
No 4, 2008

 Nation vs Empire in the Modern World Order
Lapkin V.V.
No 4, 2018

 Nation-State Identity Formation of the Russian Youth
Evgenyeva T.V., Titov V.V.
No , 2010

 National and international security: political and military aspects
Potapov V.Ya.
No 1, 2015

National and State Interests of Russia: Play on Words or Play with Words?
Pastukhov V.B.
No 1, 2000

National Consensus in a Polarized-Type Society: India's Experience
Volodin A.G., Doornbos M.
No 5, 1996

National Identification in Russia and in China (An Essay of Comparative Analysis)
Gelbras V.G.
No 1, 1997

 National Identities and International Relations Redux, or Is It Necessary to ‘Reinvent’ Constructivism?
Gudalov N.N.
No 4, 2017

National Interest (A Round Table): M.V.Ilyin, V.L.Tzymbursky, T.A.Alexeyeva, A.A.Kara-Murza, V.V.Ilyin, V.I.Pantin, A.G.Zadokhin, A.L.Andreyev, V.P.Perevalov, O.Yu.Abolin, L.V.Polyakov, S.I.Vasilzov, K.E.Sorokin
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Ilyin M.V., Tzymbursky V.L., Alekseyeva T.A., Kara-Murza A.A., Ilyin V.V., Pantin V.I., Zadokhin A.G., Andreyev A.L., Perevalov V.P., Abolin O.Yu., Polyakov L.V., Vasil’tzov S.I., Sorokin K.E.
No 1, 1995

National Interests and Political Realia of Contemporary Russia (Yu.N. Yegorov, S.S. Mitrokhin, S.A. Proskurin, V.A. Tikhonov, A.l. Tzyurupa, D.O. Rogozin, S.F. Chernyakhovsky, A.V. Shubin)
Yegorov Yu.N., Mitrokhin S.S., Proskurin S.A., Tikhonov V.A., Tzyurupa A.I., Rogozin D.O., Chernyakhovsky S.F., Shubin A.V.
No 1, 1997

National Interests of Russia and Her Military Policy (A Session of the _Army and Society_ Round Table): V.M. Dudnik, S.E. Blagovolin, P.S. Zolotaryov, M.A. Gareyev, Ye.I. Shaposhnikov, O.A. Belkov, A.G. Arbatov, B.M. Khalosha, A.N. Kalyadin, N.Yu. Berezov
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Dudnik V.M., Blagovolin S.V., Zolotaryov P.S., Gareyev M.A., Shaposhnikov Ye.I., Bel’kov O.A., Arbatov A.G., Khalosha B.M., Kalyadin A.N., Berezovsky N.Yu., Amel’ko N.N., Kuklina I.N., Tatarnikov V.M., Ivanov P.L.
No 4, 1994

 National Interests, National and International Security
Battler A.
No 4, 2002

National Movement (Moldovian Version)
Mikhaylov V.A.
No 4, 1992

National Question: Experience of Social Democracy
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Bunin I.M., Danilevich I.V., Karamanov M.O., Salmin A.M., Fadeyev D.A., Shveytzer V.Ya., Yazhborovskaya I.S.
No 2, 1991

 National Sovereignty and Processes of Globalization (Introductory Notes)
Grinin L.Ye.
No 1, 2008

 National state in the conditions of globalization
Kochetkov A.P.
No 4, 2014

National state: theory, history, political practice (Foreword ТоIstуkh V.I. Moments of discussion: Mezhuyev V.M., Guseупоv A.A., Воrоdау Yu .М., Кazin A.L. )
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Tolstykh V.I., Mezhuyev V.M., Guseynov A.A., Boroday Yu.M., Kazin A.L.
No 6, 1992

National vs State Interest: Theoretical Concepts and Political Reality. A Round Table and Fragments of the Discussion.
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Nikolayev A.I., Mitrokhin S.S., Glaz’yev S.Yu., Yakovenko I.G., Plyays Ya.A., Gradirovsky S.N., Baranov S.D., Klimov I.A., Musikhin G.I., Zamyatin D.N., Klimenko Z.V., Lapkin V.V., Okara A.N.Mezhuyev B.V.
No 1, 2000

National- Personal Autonomy: the Idea and the Embodiment
Lvova E.L., Nam I.V., Naumova N.I.
No 2, 1993

 National-Conservative “Turn” of Poland in Geopolitical Context
Klemeshev A.P., Vorozheina Ya.A.
No 5, 2018

National-Cultural and Ideological Orientations of the Ukrainian Population.
Beletzky M.I., Tolpygo A.K.
No 4, 1998

 National-state identity and the problems of the russian state’s consolidation
Peregudov S.P.
No 3, 2011

Nationalism and Patterns of the Solution of Ethnic Contradictions
Heslеу V.L.
No 6, 1996

Nationalism and the Modernization Problem in the Post-Totalitarian World
Kandel P.Ye.
No 6, 1994

Nationalism as a Theoretical Problem (The Guide to a New Research Paradigm)
Miller A.I.
No 6, 1995

 Nationalism, Separatism, and Democracy. New Patterns of National Identity in “Old” Europe
Semenenko I.S.
No 5, 2018

 Nationalism: Ideal Type and Forms of Manifestations
Mnatzakanyan M.O.
No 6, 2007

Nationality: Communist? (Ethno-Political Analysis of the CPSU)
Tishkov V.A.
No 2, 1991

 NATO in the Сrosshairs of COVID-19
Antyukhova E.A.
No 3, 2021

Naz_ism_ in the Mirror of _Nazispeak_
Mikhaylov V.A.
No 4, 1995

Needs of Practice and Possibilities of Political Science
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Kremenyuk V.A., Fedoseyev A.A., Zagladin N.V., Nersesyantz V.S., Obolonsky A.V., Alekseyeva T.A., Kravchenko I.I.
No 2, 1991

 Negotiations between the U.S.S.R./Russia and China on the settlement of border issues
Ide K.
No 3, 2014

 Negotiations Between the USSR / Russia and China on Border Settlement (Article Two)
Ide K.
No 2, 2015

 Neither a Friend. Not a Foe: Donald Trump in the Russian Media
Kazun A.D., Kazun A.P.
No 1, 2019

 Neo-Realistic Approach to Analysis of Military-Political Situation in the Arctic
Kravchuk A.A.
No 1, 2019

 Neoclassical Realism in the Theory of International Relations
Konyshev V.N.
No 4, 2020

Schmitter Ph.
No 2, 1997

Neoleninism or _Postleninism_?
Velev I.
No 3, 1991

 Neopatrimonial Regimes: Diversity, Dynamics, and Prospects for Democratization
Rozov N.S.
No 1, 2016

 Neopatrimonialism: Classification as a Way of Overcoming the Conceptual Stretching
Melnikov K.V.
No 2, 2018

 Net communities on emergency occasions: new possibilities for the citizens and for authorities
Morozova E.V., Miroshnichenko I.V.
No 1, 2011

 Net Dynamics of Globalization and Typology of “Global Gateways”
Sergeev V.M., Kazantzev A.A.
No 2, 2007

Kochetkov A.P.
No 4, 2013

 Network Modeling of Mass Political Consciousness. A Method
Blagoveshchensky Yu.N., Satarov G.A.
No 5, 2019

 Network political parties
Smorgunov L.V.
No 4, 2014

 Network Public Policy: Outlines of Subject Field
Miroshnichenko I.V., Morozova E.V.
No 2, 2017

Network Structures of Society from the Viewpoint of Biopolitics
Oleskin A.V.
No 1, 1998

 Network vs Message in Protest Diffusion on Social Media: Theoretical and Data Analytics Perspectives
Akhremenko A.S., Stukal D.K., Petrov A.P.
No 2, 2020

 New Athens, or Electronic Republic (On Prospects of Direct Democracy Development in Modern Society)
V. N. Rudenko.
No 4, 2006

 New Authoritarianism in Polish Vestment
Glukhova A.V., Savenkov R.V.
No 4, 2019

New Birth of an Old Idea: Orthodoxy as National Symbol
Filatov S.B.
No 3, 1999

New Coalitions, New Parliaments
Ellis A.
No 6, 1993

 New Democracies and/or New Autocracies? (Materials of a Round Table)
No 1, 2004

New Dilemmas of the Old World
Kuznetzova Ye.S., Inozemtzev V.L.
No 6, 2000

New Elites and Political Institutionns in CIS Countries (A Workshop in Novgorod)
No 1, 1996

New Federalism for Russia: Institutionalization of Freedom
Pastukhov V.B.
No 3, 1994

New Forms of Production Management
Tarasova N.N.
No 2, 1993

 New Framework of Political Knowledge: Labor, Control and Vision of the Future
Yerokhov I.A.
No 4, 2018

New Labour Organizations: Positions of Their Leaders.
No 3, 1992

 New Nomos of Earth (Carl Schmitt as Diagnostician of Modern Crisis in World Politics)
Magun A.V.
No 2, 2003

 New Phase of Decolonization: From Formal Sovereignity to Real One
Entin M.L., Entina E.G., Torkunova E.A.
No 1, 2019

 New principles of the «Philosophy of frontier» in the global world: de-sovereignization or «post-sovereignization»?
Silantieva M.V.
No 3, 2014

 New risks of food: the need for a humanistic biopolitics
Kravchenko S.A.
No 5, 2014

 New Russia in changing world: socio-political perspective
Oganisyan Yu.S.
No 3, 2014

New Russian Corporatism: Democratic or Bureaucratic?
Peregudov S.P.
No 2, 1997

New Russians: Emergence of an Ideology (II)
Pastukhov V.B.
No 3, 1993

 New Stage in the Development of Political Science in Russia
Plyays Ya.A.
No 3, 2007

 New strategic factors in the struggle for Russia’s modernization
Simonia N.A.
No 3, 2014

 New System of Relations between Great Powers for the XXI Century: “Concert” or Confrontation?
Nikitin A.I.
No 1, 2016

 New Tendencies of the Perception of the Power in Russia
Shestopal Ye.B.
No 3, 2005

 New World Order: from Bipolarity to Multipolarity
Simonia N.A., Torkunov A.V.
No 3, 2015

 New World Order: Parameters and Possible Contours
Lebedeva M.M.
No 4, 2020

Newly Published Books
No 2, 2002

Newly Published Books on Political Science
No 5, 2000

Newly Published Books on Political Science
No 6, 2000

Newly Published Books on Political Science
No 1, 2001

Newly Published Books on Political Science
No 3, 2001

Newly Published Books on Political Science
No 4, 2001

 Nicklas Luhman’s Theoretico-Political Views
Nazarchuk A.V.
No 3, 2006

Nine Theses on the Labour and Trade Union Movement in Russia.
Komarovsky V.V.
No 3, 1992

No Third Way: A Comparative Perspective on the Left
Lipset S.
No 6, 1991

No Third Way: A Comparative Perspective on the Left
Lipset S.
No 5, 1991

 Nomination of Candidates in Single-Member Districts by Parties at the Elections to Russia’s Regional Legislatures
Medvedev Yu.S.
No 3, 2006

Non-Civil Society as the Ukraine’s Socio-Political Phenomenon (The «Average» Ukrainian’s Social Character as Reflected in the Electoral Process)
Polokhalo V.
No 6, 1999

 Non-systemic opposition: specific character of presentation in printed mass-media
Tatarkova D.Yu.
No 4, 2013

 Non-West Model: Does the Civilization-State Exist?
Naumkin V.V.
No 4, 2020

 Normative Power: Some Theory Aspects and Contemporary Practice of Russia and the EU
Pavlova E.B., Romanova T.A.
No 1, 2017

 Normativism in Western Political Thought: the Problem of Definition
Boytzova O.Yu.
No 6, 2003

 Northern Caucasus in the Russian geopolitical discourse
Kolosov V.A., Sebentzov A.B.
No 2, 2014

 Northern Romea. Spaces of complex dialogue
Neklessa A.I.
No 5, 2012

 Norway: the state science policy
Talagayeva D.A.
No 1, 2014

 Notes of a Political Psychologist on the Book “Identity: the Individual, Society, and Politics”
Shestopal Ye.B.
No 4, 2018

 Notes on Creation of a «Russian Innovative Army»
Kokoshin A.A.
No 1, 2009

 Novations in Russian Politics and Attempts of Their Opening up by the Country’s Science Fiction
Kovalev V.A.
No 3, 2008

 Nuclear and Missile Threat on the Korean Peninsula: Origins and Response Measures
Toloraya G.D., Torkunov A.V.
No 4, 2016

Nuclear Disarmament for Russia: Rush into the Uncertainty?
Sorokin K.E.
No 6, 1992

 Nuclear reloading and international security
Arbatov A.G.
No 3, 2011

Nuclear Weapons in the Era of Geopolitical Multipolarity
Sorokin K.E.
No 4, 1995



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Polis. Political Studies
4 2002

Urban M.
Social Relations and Political Practices in Post-Communist Russia

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