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 Want of Nationalism, or National Self-Consciousness in Russia’s Far East
Blyakher L.Ye.
No 3, 2004

War of All against All in the Ideal-Typical Interpretation (On Sociological Meaning of Th. Hobbes Concept)
Davydov Yu.N.
No 6, 1993

Waves of Political Modernization in Russia's History (To the Discussion of a Hypothesis)
Pantin V.I., Lapkin V.V.
No 2, 1998

 Waves of revolutions in the 21st century
Goldstone J.A., Grinin L.Ye., Korotaev A.V.
No 4, 2022

We Opt for Truth
Kin C.
No 1, 1991

 Westernization or a Special Way of Modernization?
Gadzhiev K.S.
No 4, 2008

 What Awaits Russia in the Nearest Half-Year? (Political Scenarios)
Malinovsky P.V.
No 1, 2004

 What do Ratings Say? Political Science Journals in the RSCI System
Avdonin V.S., Meleshkina Ye.Yu.
No 4, 2019

What Europe Expects of Russia (From Gernay's Viewpoint) .
Timmermann H.
No 4, 1992

What Follows the _Third Wave_? (Meeting with A. Toffler)
Bakun L.A., Shumavan A.
No 5, 1991

 What is Democracy and How It Can Be Measured?
Chvorostov A.V.
No 3, 2020

What Is Democracy? Parliamentarism and Governmental System - Definition and Differentiation.
No 3, 1992

What Is Fascism?
Milza P.
No 2, 1995

 What Is Happening to the Theory of International Relations
Alekseyeva T.A., Lebedeva M.M.
No 1, 2016

What Is Politics and What Is Political Science
Ilyin M.V., Koval B.I.
No 4, 1991

What Is Polyethnicism? (Territorial-Ethnic Claims and Conflicts in the Former USSR)
Petrov N.V.
No 6, 1993

What Is Russia Seeking for?
Zubov A.B., Kolosov V.A.
No 1, 1994

What is Russian Westernism? (Reflections of a Contributor to a Conference Discussion)
Kara-Murza A.A.
No 2, 1993

What Is the Best Form of Government for the Happiness of Man?
Kirk R.
No 3, 2001

What Is the Radical Party?
No 1, 1991

What Is the Reform Able, and What Is It Unable of?
Akhiyezer A.S.
No 1, 1991

 What Is _Political Philosophy_?
Kapustin B.G.
No 6, 1996

What Is _Political Philosophy_? (II)
Kapustin B.G.
No 1, 1997

What Is _Political Philosophy_? (Ill)
Kapustin B.G.
No 2, 1997

What Kind of Authoritarian Regime is Possible in Russia Today?
Klyamkin I.M.
No 5, 1993

What Makes Thinking New?
Parakhonsky B.A., Ilyin M.V.
No 2, 1991

What Party System Will Our Society Accept?
Pshizova S.N.
No 4, 1998

 What should be websites of academic journals?
Grigorieva E.I., Kirsanov A.S., Sitdikov I.M.
No 5, 2014

What the New Trade Union Centre Is to Be Like
Stolpovsky B.G.
No 1, 1991

 What There Lies behind the “Uncivicness”
Goncharov D.V.
No 5, 2002

 What Values Are Up in Price?
Busygina I.M.
No 1, 2004

What Was the Nature of World War II?
Undasynov I.N.
No 3, 1995

 What, After All, Will Become of Our Motherland and of Ourselves? (Biased Remarks on Russian Political Science and on Problems of Political Education) 169
Shcherbinin A.I.
No 4, 2003

 When Was the Way Chosen? (Russia’s Parties in the Course of the Two Electoral Cycles, 1993-2000)
Mikhaleva G.M.
No 2, 2009

 Where to global capitalism?
Zarubina N.N.
No 1, 2010

 Where will Russia go? new opportunities and restrictions of modern development. Part I
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Makarenko B.I., Solovyov A.I., Nikovskaya L.I., Kochetkov A.P., Timofeyeva L.N., Petukhov V.V., Glukhova A.V., Smirnov V.V., Popova O.V., Smorgunov L.V., Shashkova Ja.Ju., Baranov N.A., Karabushchenko P.L.
No 1, 2013

 Where will Russia go? New opportunities and restrictions of modern development. Part II
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Smirnov V.V., Popova O.V., Smorgunov L.V., Shashkova Ja.Ju., Baranov N.A., Karabushchenko P.L.
No 2, 2013

Wheter Scientific Socialism Is Possible. Foreword by Ye.L. Petrenko
Bernstein E.
No 4, 1991

Whether Social Movements Have Prospects in Russia: Evolution of Coal Miners'Movement Analysed, 1989 to 1995
Oleynik A.N.
No 3, 1996

 Which country is easier to deal with? Identity of the residents of Shanghai and St. Petersburg
Pan Dawei
No 2, 2014

 Who Should Rule: People or Laws? Masses or Personalities? (Apologia of Existential Autocracy)
Fatenkov A.N.
No 2, 2005

Who's in the Blue Movement
Maslow V.I.
No 2, 1991

 Why Fair Elections are Worth a Damn
Turchenko M.S.
No 5, 2015

 Why Innovative Knowledge About Russian Society Is in Such a Demand
Kravchenko S.A.
No 4, 2018

Why Russians Don't Accept the Golden Mean, or On Temperance in Politics
Denisov Yu.P.
No 1, 1996

Why Should Even _Democratic_ Russia Be No Bargain for the _Free_ West?
Golik Yu.V., Karas'ov V.I.
No 3, 1999

 Why the Intellectual Class of Russia Needs a Party of Its Own
Lapayeva V.V.
No 3, 2003

 William Frank Buckley, Jr., and the Emergence of American Conservatism
Pavlov A.V.
No 3, 2008

 Within the Dimensions of Global Political History
Ionov I.N.
No 2, 2004

 Women-Terrorists in the Interpretative Models to Be Found in Russian Mass-Media (Discourse-Analysis of Newspaper Publications)
Romanov P.V., Shcheblanova V.V., Yarskaya-Smirnova Ye.R.
No 6, 2003

Words and Meaningds: Polity. Republic. Constitution. Fatherland (Ended from the Previous Issue)
Ilyin M.V.
No 5, 1994

Words and Meanings. By the Rules of Fate: Historic Choice, Historic Mission, Arcana Imperii, Ratio Status
Ilyin M.V.
No 3, 1996

Words and Meanings. By the Rules of Fate: the Russian Idea
Ilyin M.V.
No 4, 1996

Words and Meanings: Community - Communication
Ilyin M.V.
No 6, 1994

Words and Meanings: Despoty, Empire, Power
Ilyin M.V.
No 2, 1994

Words and Meanings: Will
Ilyin M.V.
No 3, 1995

Workers' Participation in the Management Affairs
Lukyanova G.J., Tzysina G.A.
No 2, 1993

Working Out the Play Rules: Russian Legislation of the Transition Period
Gelman V.Ya.
No 4, 1997

 World and Politics Through the Prism of Scientific Forums
Gaman-Golutvina O.V., Nikitin A.I., Chugrov S.V.
No 3, 2019

World Capitalism, Governance and Community (Toward a Corporate Millennium?)
Lafferty W.M.
No 5, 1998

 World Development Policy: Between the Reality of Globalization and the Imperative of Stability
Veber A.B.
No 5, 2003

 World of Faith and World of Disbelief: Expansion and Reduction of Religiosity
Baranovsky V.G., Naumkin V.V.
No 6, 2018

 World politics and its prognostic indicators
Lurie S.V., Kazaryan L.G.
No 2, 2012

 World Politics as Phenomenon and as Subject of Science (To the Discussion on the Pages of the Polis and the Mezhdunarodnyje Protzessy Journals)
Kosolapov N.A.
No 6, 2005

 World Politics, or Running on the Spot
Peskov D.N.
No 1, 2005

 World Politics: Agenda for Tomorrow (Virtual Round Table)
Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Afontzev S.A., Segbers K., Ilyin M.V., Kulagin V.M., Lebedeva M.M., Rykhtik M.I., Solovyov A.I., Feldman D.M., Tzygankov A.P., Tzygankov P.A.
No 4, 2005

 World Politics’ Multidimensionality (To Current Discussions)
Chikharev I.A.
No 1, 2005

 World regional studies and the prospects of non-western (sinocized) international relations (IR) theory
Voskressenski A.D.
No 6, 2013

World War as the 20th Century Phenomenon
Yevzerov R.Ya.
No 3, 1995

 Worldview bases and general scientific paradigms of social-political risk management
Nysanbayev A.N., Dunayev V.Yu.
No 2, 2013



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