The editorial team most heartily congratulates Yurii Sergeevich Pivovarov, both as a longtime and beloved author, as a member of the Journal’s International Editorial Council, and as a good friend, exceptional conversationalist and political thinker, on his glorious anniversary!

Dear Yurii Sergeevich! Despite what anyone may say, the Russian political science is already inconceivable without you, without your energy, readiness to support it at a difficult moment, without a living example for all of us of the intellectual and organizational selflessness personified by you. This powerful impulse of scientific search initiated by you supports us today. Your example proves that it is not only numerous research teams, departments, centers and institutes that can help us understand the nature of things, but also a single dedicated researcher.  

Thank you, dear Yurii Sergeevich!

We wish you good heath und luck in realization of your creative ideas, courage and patience.

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Introducing an article

Polis. Political Studies
5 2005

Andreyev I.V.
The Earliest Scientific Work by M.Ya.Ostrogorsky

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