We heartily congratulate Sergei Chugrov, editor-in-chief of “Polis. Political Studies”, on his glorious anniversary! “Polis” has traveled a long way with you at the helm of our ship, has withstand many storms and heavy turmoil. Under your leadership, the journal has preserved its traditions, continues to develop and adopt the best international practices.
We appreciate you as an extremely interesting interlocutor, a creative person with a fine sense of beauty – as the Japanese would say, capable of “furu” (hieroglyphs “wind” and “stream”), who inspires others to strive for this beauty.
Dear Sergei! You have put your heart, a lot of effort and patience into the work for the benefit of the journal, political science in Russia and in the world. We wish you to keep the habit of leaving the “safe harbor” and moving forward, conquering new horizons!

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Introducing an article

Polis. Political Studies
5 2015

Kravchenko S.A.,
Risks of Energy Security: the Need For Humanistic Geopolitics



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