Polis. Political Studies

ISSN (Print): 1026-9487

ISSN (Online): 1684-0070

Postal code: 70790

“Polis. Political Studies” Journal is published since 1991 bi-monthly. For almost half of the century it holds its position as the leading Russian scientific, cultural and educational journal in political science and political sociology.

The Journal is on the List of leading peer-reviewed academic journals and editions where key scholarly results of Cand. Sci. and Dr. Sci. theses should be published. The Journal has been included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) on the Web of Science platform.

During the last years the Journal has become one of the key centres for consolidation and structuring of Russian political science community, a factor of integration of Russian political science into the international one, as well as an important element of high school education in political science. It has been a place for lively discussion of various issues in political theory, international political development, modernization of Russian politeia.

The Journal’s audience encompasses professional community of researchers, experts, policy decision makers, lecturers and students, as well as a wide circle of readers interested in problems of methodology of political science and studying political processes.

Polis. Political Studies journal has a media registration certificate PI FS 77-73112 issued on June 22, 2018, by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media

Since 2019, a fixed date is set for the Journal's e-archive. The past year issues will be published in open access on the official website of the Journal on March 1. As before, selected articles of new issues will be accessible for free download as soon as the issue is published.

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