Polis. Political Studies

Submitted manuscripts are registered only if correspond to the Journal’s thematic profile and Guidelines for manuscripts. Registration does not guarantee publication of the manuscript. Registered manuscripts are subjected to internal review; analyzed is correspondence to the key thematic criteria, such as: relevance of the study; originality in interpreting the subject of the study; adequacy of methodology; validity of data; theoretical profoundness of author’s concept; correspondence of the conclusion to goals and tasks etc. The manuscript can be either returned to the author for improvement or rejected by decision of the Editorial team (key criteria for rejection is evident lack of correspondence to the Journal’s thematic profile).

A registered manuscript which corresponds to the key criteria is subjected to double-blind peer review. Editorial team does not provide text of the review, only its key result and motives of decision. The whole process takes approximately two months. The Editorial team takes one of the following decisions: 1) to publish the manuscript; 2) to publish the manuscript after is has been improved by the author; 3) to return the manuscript to the author for profound improvement and, after that, to subject it to peer review again; 4) to reject the manuscript. In any of these cases the author is provided with a summary of motives for rejection.

Due to vast number of articles in the Journal’s backlog no urgent publications can be promised. Articles for the current issue are selected on the basis of their correspondence to thematic plan of the issue and editorial priorities.



Introducing an article

Polis. Political Studies
1 2004

Rogozhina K.A.
Russian Choice: from What Is Probable to What Is Obvious?

 The article text


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