Evolution of the concept of public policy:
attention for «motive forces» and for governing entities

For citation:

Belyayeva N.Yu. Evolution of the concept of public policy: attention for «motive forces» and for governing entities. – Polis. Political Studies. 2011. No. 3. P. 72-87. (In Russ.)


The article, in particular, analyzes the notion – suggested by Jurgen Habermas – of “re-feudalization” of the public sphere in modern information societies; retraces consecutive development of three different traditions: the American, the European, and the global – of application of the notion of “public policy”, the invariable kernel of this concept being meanwhile revealed; and, finally, analyzes the notion of “strategic actors” – suggested by Neil Flegstin – within the framework of the entitative-institutional approach. The use of these concepts in the political and academic discourse in modern Russia is, besides, considered

Content No. 3, 2011

See also:

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Polis. Political Studies
6 2002

Shestopal Ye.B.
Electoral Authoritarianism: the Kazakhstan Variant

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